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The success story of Erkol Chemie & YuSil GmbH began with its foundation in Heiligenhaus, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in 2009. The headquarters are still located there – in the county of Mettmann – today. It rapidly succeeded in making a name for itself as a medium-sized family enterprise with the sale of detergents and cleaning agents and its own brand “YuSil” was developed. After being established on the market, the time came in 2010 to make Erkol Chemie independent and to manufacture detergents and cleanings agents in production facilities that had been modified and equipped to this effect according to guidelines. With its own production site and growing experience, for the first time the chance arose to take on a new field of activity and to offer contract bottling of chemical products as a service for other companies, in compliance with the requirements of the customers. What a success! Thanks to an increasing order situation during the following year, it was possible to acquire additional machines for bottling cosmetic products, such as cream soaps, and to register the trademark “YuSil” as manufacturer of detergents and cleaning agents with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA).

The expansion reached a further peak in 2012 with the opening of a new branch in Solingen. Since then, contract bottling of container sizes of 2,000 ml and more has taken place there. XXL bottling paired with XXL trust in Erkol Chemie resulted in a new expansion of the machinery already in 2013, in order to make contract bottling – in compliance with the official cosmetic regulation – even more cost-efficient. Among other things, special attention was given to the aseptic filling of chemical products (for example liquids for electronic cigarettes). Besides that, it was possible to sink time and costs factors with the aid of fully automatic filling of bottles and containers. Therefore, it was not long before the headquarters, within the city of Heiligenhaus, had to move to larger production facilities once again and it was possible to incorporate “RKL Golden Flavour”, a new brand for e-liquids (liquids for electronic cigarettes), as a new item into the product portfolio. In the era of digitalisation, it was natural and mandatory that the online shop www.Golden-Flavour.de would subsequently follow. This trademark as well was registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office in 2015. Since commercial responsibility grows at the same time as larger capacity, the decision was taken in the expanded office to have the system of Quality Management standard DIN ISO 9001 correspondingly certified. Also in terms of further quality improvement of the operational procedures, but above all: As an important step towards increased customer satisfaction.

In January 2017, Erkol Fill GmbH expanded and enhanced the premises and the development of clean rooms. The clean room class according to ISO14644-1 was improved from ISO Class 9 to ISO Class 8.

Press Release WAZ
Ulrich Bangert

With a certain amount of pride, Yakup Erkol shows the most recent achievement of his company to visitors: A clean air room, where a woman wearing protective clothing is sitting at a table and folding boxes. “Our disposable e-cigarettes go in there”, explains the Managing Director of Erkol Fill to his visitors. Mayor Dr. Jan Heinisch and Business Promoter Peter Parnow are also present, having been invited to a factory tour of the internationally active family enterprise.

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