Contract Bottling for your Success

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Contract Bottling – Worthwhile Outsourcing

A good product depends crucially on its packaging. Therefore it is purely logical that more and more companies rely on the contract bottling of Erkol Fill GmbH after evaluating all costs factors. By utilising our filling service, you reduce machine and personnel costs and put yourself in the unique position of being able to pass on the savings to your customers. Not only in matters of bottling can you rely on us. We gladly take charge of the complete final packaging (individual labelling, packing in folding boxes, etc.) and/or the manufacturing process of the product as well.

Two decisive factors that certainly guarantee that your product will be the next one picked from the shelves. Thanks to flexible filling technology (fully or semi-automatic), there are hardly any limits for variations in quantity or size either. Whether contract bottling of 10 ml – 2,500 ml or 5 l - 30 l canisters, or even of 500 or 5,000 bottles, you will find that Erkol Fill GmbH is a reliable partner for every order situation. With the cost-effective, high-quality contract bottling of Erkol Fill, you can concentrate your energy on sales and focus completely on the satisfaction of your customers. You fill up your order book, we take over the filling of your products.

Comprehensive production possibilities

Your vision

A strong brand
From the product to the packaging.

Your product

We provide support for the following products:
Cleaning agents, cosmetic products, chemical products, e-liquids, fragrance vases and bottles, flavours, and much more.

Your packaging

SYou know exactly what you want? That’s good!
Upon request we take care of containers, labels, folding boxes and package inserts according to individual needs.

Your turnover

Our expertise is worthwhile for you.
Minimising your production risks and operating costs means evident profit maximisation thanks to outsourcing.





peristaltic filling of liquids

Quality - DIN ISO 9001

Erkol Fill is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, which determines the minimum requirements of a quality management system. The ISO 9001 is the most prevalent standard in quality management, both at a national and international level. A certification according to ISO 9001 sets the basis for the continuous improvement process of the internal quality management system of a company, which determines the minimum requirements for the company, in order to meet the customers’ requirements and further claims regarding product quality. All operational processes are subject to scrutiny, whereby optimisation possibilities can constantly be discovered. Moreover, the quality management system is liable to a constant process of improvement.

You have questions regarding contract bottling?

You have an idea? We know how to implement it! Upon request, we gladly take charge of the complete production for you. From mixing individual ingredients to filling into different containers or receptacles up to labelling and packaging the respective products, we take care of every manufacturing step.

Please contact us and let our friendly and professional co-workers advise you on the topic of contract bottling. From cosmetic products like soaps and creams to different cleaning agents to e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, we are at your disposal as a reliable partner in the domain of contract bottling.