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E-liquids Filling - Hence Erkol Fill GmbH

Whoever vapes is trendy. But this is not the only reason why more and more smokers fall back on the “e-cigarette”. Dispending with nicotine entirely and an abundance of various flavours has turned “vaping” into a socially acceptable experience. The demands of the target group are correspondingly high. The standards of Erkol Fill GmbH are based on these significantly high demands. Contract bottling of “e-liquids” or “e-cigs” is very elaborate and requires a particular filling procedure. Mixing and/or adulteration of the different flavours, even in small quantities, would be detected by consumers and clearly constitute a shortcoming in quality. That is why Erkol Fill GmbH capitalises on special production facilities and processes, which ensure the purity of the filled liquids in each case.

Responsible e-liquid filling

Utmost care is also required for peristaltic filling, because, after all, the different e-liquids are inhaled and as such end up in the circulation system of the consumer. Therefore, an experienced partner is recommended here in any case, one that is well versed in this responsible activity. Anyhow, outsourcing the bottling procedure can only be advantageous for companies: Minimisation of personnel and operating costs, savings on floor space, negligible maintenance costs, increased quality and reduction of production-related risks. And all of that without the loss of brand integrity, thanks to specific final order picking and labelling. The entire process of e-liquids filling is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management.

Fully automatic & semi-automatic filling

Erkol Fill GmbH works exclusively with high-quality machines and filling lines that are state-of-the-art, which make fully automatic as well as semi-automatic filling possible. This enables flexibility in order to satisfy the various customer needs, without losing sight of cost and time factors. Consequently different aromas can be filled in succession for instance, without flavour adulteration. Hereby the production hoses suitable for the contact with food, which are pharma verified ISO 10993, -1 and certified according to USP Class VI, as well as FDA requirements 21 CFR177.2600, are simply all changed in order to eradicate the risk of contamination by means of residues coming from a liquid that was used beforehand.

Trained staff and a QMR (Quality Management Representative) pay close attention to the bottling process so that product losses by means of dripping or squirts are avoided during the individual fillings. With the aid of constant quality controls according to DIN ISO 9001, the process of contract bottling of e-liquids and e-cigs by Erkol Fill GmbH is always improved. Thanks to the customisable filling capacities of the facilities, large as well as small quantities can be bottled. This is optimal for smaller businesses that can likewise profit from the expertise of a company specialised in e-liquid contract bottling. Particularly regarding the TPD regulations of e-cigarettes, it is important to have a reliable partner and service provider who fills your products carefully, cleanly and responsibly.

We help you with the Tobacco Products Directive TPD2

Besides extensive changes with regards to the size of containers, nicotine limits and outer packaging, the Tobacco Products Directive also requires very extensive notification and registration duties for the products of e-liquids manufacturers. In addition to outline data regarding their company and products, in-depth analyses and investigations of their products are demanded, which must contain a complete breakdown of their ingredients (from 0.1 % of the weight of the complete product), emission studies regarding hazardous substances and toxicological data about their content. In this respect, we will gladly help you. In our laboratory which is equipped with the state-of-the-art analysers, chemists analyse your e-liquids by focusing on analytical chemistry, with the help of gas chromatography, mass spectrography and flame ionization, as well as plasma observation.

The result is a complete list of ingredients, as well as the toxicological data belonging to it, the exclusion of hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, nitrosamine, diacetyl, heavy metals or acrolein, and the determination of the quality as well as the quantity of glycol and nicotine. If it is determined during the analysis, that your product does not fulfil the requirements of TPD2 (e.g. because it contains substances that do not correspond to the negative list of flavours), we will gladly assist you in the second step to modify your recipe towards TPD compliance.

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Analysis of your products

We carry out the required analysis of your products!
With the help of our most modern analyzers, we can analyze your e-liquids.

Joint audit

Have the required standards been met?
We will discuss the analysis results together with you.

Implementation of TPD2

Your product does not meet the requirements of TPD2?
We help you with the conversion of your recipe to TPD conformity!

Registration of your products

We also support you during the last steps!
When registering your products, we are happy to help.





DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified

Quality Management certified
E-liquid filling

You have questions regarding contract bottling?

Here you can see a production video of e-liquid filling which is supervised according to DIN ISO 9001 Quality Management. We comply with your wishes so that you can deliver all or separate packaging materials to us or we can help you to procure containers, labels, folding boxes and package inserts. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with manufacturers of containers, labels and packaging material, you can save precious time and entrust us with obtaining offers and creating prototypes. Please contact us and let our friendly and professional co-workers advise you on the subject of e-liquid contract bottling.

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